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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 Paradise Hunter Films Akumal, Week of October 21, 2012

All of the week of October 21 was spent in and around Akumal, The Jewel In the Crown of the Riviera Maya.

This effort was initiated and hosted by Russ Motley of Akumal Investments, and Rhett Schober of Akumal Villas, and Russ made the most of it by having three properties included in the filming.

The Paradise Hunter web page is at Paradise Hunter  - check it out as another place to list your property, or to find another "paradise".  The on-site crew included Producer/Director- Dennis Kambeitz, Host- Ryan Van Duzer, A/V- Brian Elliot, and Sound- Larry MacDonald.  They did a great job while filming at Casa Colibri in South Akumal.

No date is yet available of when or where the Riviera Maya segment will hit the the little screen.  Stay tuned.

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Here is Russ with the crew, Ryan, Dennis, Larry, and Brian after they finished at Casa Colibri.

They started Wednesday at Villas Flamingos in North Akumal.

This gave the Paradise Hunter a chance to see one of the $4 million properties Russ has in his portfolio.

"Lights. Camera. Action."

From Villas Flamingo they moved of to the beach in Akumal.

Here Russ explained all about the reef, the bay, turtles, fishing, and Lol Ha.

The the Paradise Hunter moved over to South Akumal and Casa Colibri, where they did a fair amount of interior ....

and exterior filming.

Pool side at Casa Colibri, where Russ explains the details of buying and owning property in Mexico.

Take 2 as seen from above. That is Ryan with Russ.