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 Ryan Wolfe & Natalie Blankenship Engagement Dinner, Nov. 24, 2012

On Saturday, November 24th, Laura & David Wolfe hosted an engagement dinner for their son, Ryan Wolfe, and Natalie Blankenship on the beach outside the Lol Ha Beach Bar.  Laura pulled out all the stops and organized one absolutely fantabulous evening that Ryan and Natalie should remember for the rest of their lives; their friends won't forget it too soon either.

Needless to say, a very good time was had by all.

Credits:  Thanks to John Mark Davis for the photos.


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Ryan and Natalie are the center of attraction at their engagement party.

Natalie had a pile of family and friends down to Akumal for the party.

The Staff of The Akumalian - Ingrid & SteveC - were on hand too, albeit without the staff photographer.

Laura and her staff did an absolutely fantabulous job to make this a very memorable evening for Ryan and Natalie.

There were lots of 'local; Akumalians on hand to help celebrate this wonderful occasion.

There is Stephanie Motley and Ingrid Clouther.

Russ and SteveC share a good laugh, along with a glass of wine and a Gin & Tonic

The music, under the stars and almost full moon, was fantastic.

Laura leads the party in a toast to the newly engaged couple.

Cheers to Ryan and Natalie.

SteveC took to the stage to offer his own toast on behalf of the 'local' Akumalians.

"Ryan and Natalie, all the very best in a healthy and prosperous life together".

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