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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 Isabel Art Show at Tequilaville, November 23, 2012

On Friday, November 23, Ken & Mary Anderson hosted an Art Show for Isabel Schober at the Tequilaville restaurant.  Isabel had large selection of her work on display and for sale, and from all indications, it seemed to have been an all around success.

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Mary & Ken Anderson, sporting the new Tequilaville shirts, were great hosts greting all guests as they arrived for the art show.

Isabel Schober was inside making sales and signing autographs.

Isabel had a large selection on display and available for purchase.

Looks like she is having a hard time on a decision, while Ingrid and Tony & Joan get caught up on news.

And, there is more.

Claudia Munoz was there with the jewelry table.

Ken & Mary are still at the door, thanking everyone who came.

Be sure to return real soon, because Tequilaville is (almost) always open.

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