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Robin's Best Shirt Award, November 2, 2012

Here it is November, and the snow birds are arriving in Akumal, and nowhere was this more obvious that at the Lol Ha Beach Bar for November's Best Shirt Award.  It was amazing the number of quality entries that were present, and this created quite a dilemma for Mary and her committee.  Needless to say, they somehow worked though it and made a decision.

If this is a precursor of things to come for the high season, you gotta bring your very best to even be in contention.


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Wally Koenst is back in Aventuras, and he is 'all in' with this entry.

Now, here is a real winner if there ever was one.

Steve Wandler also has an excellent shirt on this evening.

Not to be outdone, Kathy Ferrell also has an outstanding shirt that has to be a serious contender.

Steve & Judy Holtz are also back in Aventuras, and Steve is looking sharp, as usual.

Wendell Day is also back and being quite presumptuous with his fantabulous entry

Mike Stone has a real good shot at the trophy with this great entry.

Yes, Red Beard is back - again - and so is the St. Pauli shirt, but then again . . . .

Carly & Gail have been selected by Mary to be her co-judges, so they are giving all the entries a second look.

Jackie & Jim Power are back in Jade Bay, and Jim has come prepared with something for the judges to think about.

Beryl Van Lierop has abandoned the New Orleans Saints in favor of this simple, but elegant shirt that is causing 2nd looks.

Russ Motley was a late arrival, but it looks like he is really in the running for another trophy.

Marry Henderson getting glassy eyed from the dazzling array of spectcular shirts, and she has to pick one.

Sherwood Anders is once again presenting a very colorful option to the all femal judging committee.

Dave Zucker & Dan Freeman have arrived, and they do look like the dynamic duo.

The crowd is on its feet in anticipation.

John, albeit with only one drink tonight, is staying focused to ensure the judges recognize his dazzling entry.

Susan & Joel, the new owners of a portion of the 1st floor at Casa Zamas, are here looking on.

Joelito is dressed for The Day of the Dead, and he is ready to wreck havoc with the cross if he does not win tonight.

The crowd is really nervous now.

The judges are still counting the absentee ballots and fixing the chads, so a decision is imminent.

Yes, Mary calls the house to order for the decision.

"Who is it?"

Dave Zucker is the winner of the November 2012 Best Shirt Award, his 2nd win in the last 11 months.

Dave Zucker, with a surprised look, proudly displays Robin's Best Shirt trophy.

Now that you know what is not good enough to win the coveted Best Shirt Award, think about what might be needed on December 7th.

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