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 Kentucky Derby Akumal Style, May 5, 2012

May 5th was a BIG day in Akumal.  Besides being Cinco de Mayo and the evening of the BIGGEST full moon of the year, there was the Kentucky Derby Party, and then there was BINGO Night afterwards at the Turtle Bay Cafe palapa.

The Annual Kentucky Derby Party at the Lol Ha Beach Bar was enhanced with Akumalís First Annual Kentucky Derby Hat Award.  There were two categories for entries, which were open to both sexes:  #1 Category: Elegant and Chic.  #2 Category: Funny.  The winners of each category received a free drink from Lol Ha Beach Bar.  This event seemed to bring out a lot of contestants who really made an effort to show "elegant and chic", while only one made an attempt at "funny".

It was a great event, and the race was good too, proving why it is referred to as "the greatest two minutes in sports".



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Mary Henderson officially opens the Betting Window, and the line forms to the right.

Isabel Schober is interested in knowing if the favorite is already gone.

Here is one of the home-made bonnets looking to take home a prize.

Mary also adds her local flavor with the bouganvilla.

Ingrid Clouther couldn't get any real red roses, but this looks good too.

Michelle Connor's entry seems to be in between chic and funky.

Jim & Jackie Power are both decked out for the Derby.

Isabel Schober is looking very elegant as a front runner for the Best Hat Award.

One of Isabel's friends just cannot bear to look.

On the other hand, this friend looks like she might give Isabel a run for the Best Hat Award.

Isabel's table in the top left granstand.

Down on the infield there is a good contingent staying close to the track.

Steve Clouther looks like a shoo in for funky hat, with his Aussie "No Flies On Me Mate" Derby hat entry.

Wendell Day is looking to follow his Best Shirt Award with a Best Hat award, while Lynda has her mind on BINGO.

"So that's a Mint Julip. I don't think I like it."

"They are off" and the huge crowd at Lol Ha is on its collective feet.

While the crowd anxiously awaits the official results of the Kentucky Derby, Mary looks for a winner of the Best Hat.

Here's is the winner of Akumal's 1st Kentucky Derby Best Hat Award, and it was close to being unanimous.

Now the serious stuff. Here is the winner of the WIN Pool collecting the $2,000 peso award.

Michelle Connor has the PLACE ticket and collects her $1,000 peso prize.

The day's big winner collects her SHOW prize.

All the money winners.

Jack thinks he should have really won the Best Hat prize.

Thanks for another wonderful Derby Day, Mary, as she shows off her 'horsing around" button.

It is never too early to start thinking ahead to next year. Start thinking about those bonnets and Akumal.

Martk the 2013 calendar for May 4th.

Lots of options for 2013.

The Staff missed the BIGGEST full moon of the year rising out of the Caribbean Sea, but later on there was a good view from the steps of Tequilaville

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