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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, May 4, 2012

It was another fantabulous gathering at the Lol Ha Beach Bar for May's edition of Robin's Best Shirt Award, and all the attendees were greeted with a new sight that signals "Best Shirt Night".  It was not the most well attended event of the year, but the contestant brought out their very best in an effort to hold the cherished trophy aloft among the cheering fans.  A good time was had by all.


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Here is the new flag signaling that is is the first Friday of the month. Thanks goes to Sam, the F&B Manager, for this wonderful new addition.

And, the community heeded the flag at high mast and came out in droves.

Red Beard is making a wonderful appearance prior to his long drive to Alaska.

Beryl, with his barracuda entry, is ready to eat up the competition.

George figures 'blue is in', and he has the winner.

George has his friend as a runner up

Susanne and Stephanie don't seem to really care that much about it.

Michelle and Gabriella are looking very elegant for this well attended event.

Wendell Day says, "I am back", and he has the shirt to prove it.

Kathy Farrell has a very smart entry, as she tries to get the females back on the board.

Mary and Alison & Dean Keegan make up the Judging Committee.

Lynda Day is going on about BINGO tomorrow night.

Alison & Dean stand by as Mary makes the announcement.

Wendell Day wins again. This is Wendell's sixth time in the winner's circle.

"That dick-head won again."

Forget the acceptance speech, Wendell.

Loquito doesn't look too happy with the judges's decision.

Steve Clouther goes off and does his own self-portrait with Loquito, and he comments, "I am boycotting June."

Speaking of June, the First Friday and Best Shirt Night are on June 1st. Get ready. You won't have SteveC to kick around.

This was Stephanie & Russ Motley's 25th anniverary, and they snuck off to a very private, romantic dinner in Lol Ha's private oasis. Congratulations.

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