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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, March 2, 2012

Despite the flurry of events in the later part of February, March's Best Shirt Award on March 2nd drew in the "usual suspects", and they had some very nice shirts, making this a tough job for the judges.  The wind blowing across the bar was quite ferocious, but that did not dampen the spirits or drinking of the attendees; does anything dampen the spirits of the attendees.

Sharon Gobi was conspicuous by her absence.



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Tom Baxter has a very nice mellow entry this month.

Jamie Prendergast is not too subtle this month.

Wendell Day has pulled out another classic and looks like the front runner.

SteveC also has a fantabulous entry, and Mike is looking good too.

Mary is looking very spiffy with her September 2011 birthday present necklace from Sharon Gobi.

Dave Zucker has a very flamboyant shirt that might catch the judges' eyes.

Steve Holtz does not look to happy about his chances, considering the other entries.

Lynda Day is rooting for Kathy Farrell to make it two female winners in a row.

The judges - Mary, Dave, and Hollis - seem to be having a hard time. Does the deciding vote go to Billy.

Wendell, Jamie, and Tom get a good laugh out of the other entrants.

It is a Dave Squared - Dave Zucker and Dave Bliss.

It looks like the judges have made a decision. Mary announces, "The winner of the March 2012 Robin's Best Shirt Award is . . . . .

.. Wendell Day, again."

This Wendell's fifth award, but who is counting? Congratulations

Next month, the Best Shirt Award is on April 6th, so start planning and shopping for something to keep Wendell from making it back-to-back wins.

This Akumal Sunset could be a good contender.

The Parrot Party has to make it into the top 3, if not the winner's circle.

Final choice; Night of the Crane.

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