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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, June 1, 2012

It was another fantabulous gathering at the Lol Ha Beach Bar for May's edition of Robin's Best Shirt Award, and all the attendees were greeted with a new sight that signals "Best Shirt Night".  It was not the most well attended event of the year, but the contestant brought out their very best in an effort to hold the cherished trophy aloft among the cheering fans.  A good time was had by all.


Thanks to Dave Zucker for the photos.

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David & Nancy Poor were on hand, and David seems to be "all in" for this one.

Three exciting entrants with Ron, Russ and an unknown.

Hugh Maynard is getting a lot of support from Carolyn.

Tom & Judy Baxter are on hand, but Tom has taken himself out of the running.

Wendell Day has what looks like another winner, and Lynda is on hand for support.

Ann & Jack Kennedy are back in town for this event, and Jack looks like a competitor.

Bob Mulgrew is also in town for this event, providing encouragement and support for Mary.

Peggy & Mike Stone are both looking like contenders tonight.

Here is a couple of young, happy ladies enjoying tonight's event.

The judges - Michelle, Mary and Hugh -are giving a lot of consideration to the line up of contestants.

Ron Stern has a real good contender, and Shari is confident he will be the winner.

Sam just keeps on trying to explain why he never got the Best Shirt flag hung up higher; maybe next month.

Russ Motley has on his Bud Blatner duplicate, and he is declared the winner of the June 2012 Best Shirt Award.

The judges decision is in, and Russ Motley wins again. Way to go Russ.

Russ and Stephanie bask in the glow of another victory over Wendell; how did that happen.

Check the calendar, for July's Best Shirt comes on the 6th.