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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, July 6, 2012

Regardless of the season or the weather, the first Friday of the month always draws a huge crowd of participants and onlookers for Robin's Best Shirt Award Event, and July was no exception, even when there were many other July 4th weekend events going on all over town.  And, there were some very fine shirts this month, thus making it extremely difficult for the judges, to say nothing about being nerve-wracking for the contestants.  All in all, it was another event where a good time was had by all.



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Russ Motley was so anxious to be a repeat winner, he had a wardrobe of shirts in the office.

Steve Clouther is still looking for another elusive win, and this new shirt from the Cape could do the trick.

Antonio Bolio is also pulling out all the stops, as he looks to win the coveted trophy.

Beryl Van Lierop seems to have the right colors for gaining access to the winner's circle.

Don Newman is on board this month, having found one of his shirts that Russ is not having access to.

Jamie & Yolanda just returned from a Cancun trip, as identifiable by their Cancun colors.

Bill Brab is back in town, and he is trying to convince Mary, "This is a 'shirt'".

Hugh Maynard is well represented with his Robin original, thus being ineligible.

Dan Freeman has a 'mmmaaah-vellous' shirt, and he definitely is a contender.

Dave Zucker is another who has what seems to be the favorite color, so we'll see what happens tonight.

The crowd is once again three deep at the bar.

Here is a dark horse entry sitting off to the side.

Susanne Van Lierop (r) and her friend, Sally are all excited about the pending outcome.

The judges - Carly Flores, Russ Motley, and Mary Henderson - are about to make the announcement the crowd has been waiting for.

Antonio is the winner of the July 2012 Best Shirt Award.

Antonio and Mary.

Loquito is still celebrating the 4th of July and missed out on the judging.

If you do not have a calendar, use the moon to determine that you need to be at the Beach Bar on August 3rd for the next Best Shirt Night.

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