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Robin's Best Shirt Award, January 6, 2012

Friday, January 6th, 2012 kicked off the 6th year for Robin's Best Shirt Award competition, and it really drew a very full house to the Lol Ha Beach Bar.  It also created a very, very unique situation which has never been experience over the previous 60 events, and for awhile, the judges were in somewhat of a quandary.   However cool heads, logic, sensibility, and quality won out, and (almost) everyone went away happy.

After the event, Akumal was presented with an excellent, albeit brief, special performance by Steve Katz, founding member of Blood Sweat and Tears!!  It would have been better appreciated if there was less crowd noise and the performance was a bit longer.


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Wendell Day is here and looking for that elusive trophy #5.

Russ Motley is looking real sharp with a "guaranteed winner" Claudia brought back from Hawaii.

Ken Anderson is over from Tequilaville looking to bring back the trophy.

Wally Koenst is back in town and sporting a very bright entry.

Here is a flowery entry from Rodrigo.

Not to be outdone, Jan Koenst also has a sparkling entry.

Richard Mazzola has on a really good entry and may give Russ a run for the money.

Sherwood Anders has on her San Francisco shirt as she give the "V" for victory sign.

Ken, Russ, and Wendell are all looking quite confident as they view and grade the other entries.

Lynda Day is leading the "Vote for Wendell" cheer.

Steve Clouther just keeps trying for record setting #7, and tonight might be the night for an upset.

Ingrid Clouther and Stephanie Motley compare notes on who they think is going to win.

Antonio's shirt gets the once over from Wendell who is feeling better about this all the time.

Stop the Presses!! What is this? Bud Blatner and Russ Motley have on the exact same shirt!! The Staff is working on the odds for this.

Bob Anders is all enthusiastic about his chances tonight.

Bud & Alice try to laugh off Bud's participation in Best Shirt Award history.

Pablo and Mary, two of the judges surveying the very competitive field of entries.

Don & AnnMarie Papa are here too, and Don is celebrating a birthday. Will the trophy be a present from Akumal?

Bob the DJ gives Mary a kiss of encouragement for the decision they have to make.

"When are we going have the judges decision?"

It's a different shirt, but doesn't this look familar. Good luck John.

While not an entrant, Ingrid Clouther is looking 'abso-looootely mmmmaaaahhh-velllousss'

The judges - Pablo, Bob and Mary - seem to have made their decision.

Mary needs the mike and amplifier to get the raucous crowd's attention as she is about to announce the winner for January 2012.

The winner is Richard Mazzola.

Congratulations, Richard.

Judy Baxter and Ann Kennedy seem relived that the tension and anxiety is finally over.

The crowd goes back to drinking and second-guessing the judges' decision.

After it was all over, Steve Katz, founding member of Blood Sweat and Tears provided some delightful entertainment.

Get ready for the next Best Shirt Event on Friday, February 3, one day after the big Groundhog Day Event at the BB.

And, Loquito wishes everyone "A very Happy and Prosperous New Year"

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