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 Super Bowl, February 5, 2012

On Sunday, February 5th, THE place to be was the Lol Ha Beach Bar for the  Super Bowl between the NY Giants and New England Patriots.

According to Nielsen, Sunday's game was the most widely viewed event in American television history, drawing 111.3 million pairs of eyes to their respective sets—166.8 who watched at least part of the game—and narrowly edging last year's Super Bowl, between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, for the top spot in the record books.  A large portion of those 111 million were right here at the Beach bar, but for some inexplicable reason, it was a difficult time getting the 100 squares on the Betting Pool filled, at $200 pesos per square.

Whatever, even though the Beach Bar staffed were under a lot of pressure - what with the overflowing crowd and the drizzle - they worked well as a coordinated team and pulled off a wonderful event.  And, the kitchen also did a spectacular job, especially with the BBQ ribs.

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The Super Bowl was played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Feb 5th, but the place to be was Akumal's Lol Ha Beach Bar.

Part of the festive signage welcomining Lol Ha's attendees.

The Betting Pool and T-Shirt table was well staffed.

Loquito is all dressed up and ready to go.

The north palapa section is overflowing as game time nears.

One of the 'locals' reserved sections in the south section is still awaiting some late arrivers.

Due to the overflow crowd and some inclement weather, the staff has set up another screen and section inside the restaurant.

Diane Mahan is on hand, but Denny is home-bound with a slight cold.

Yolanda & Jamie are well position with their seats right on the 50 yard line.

Janine & Tom are also in the south section.

Margaret & Leroy, along with a friend, are situated down front in the north section of the Lol Ha stadium

Ann DeSalvo and her friend are at the same skybox in the south section.

Laura helps at at the Betting Pool, ensuring all the squares get filled in.

As it turned out, the Giants defeated the Patriots (again), and Eli Manning won the MVP.

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