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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, February 3, 2012

Following shortly on the heels of Groundhog Day festivities, this month's Best Shirt Award brought another kind of animal out of its lair, and the Lol Ha Beach Bar was once again packed with contestants and well wishers.  While the January event had its own surprise, this month had one of another kind.

There were a number of notable faces missing from this month's event, for one reason or another, and that just threw the chances for a 'new' winner wide open.

Everyone seemed to have a real good time, and there was no grumbling over the eventual winner.



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Judy & Tony James are here as the dynamic duo, competing with each other as well as the rest of the field.

Phoebe, Isabel, and Sharon are here, all apparently rooting for Judy.

Denny Mahan is back from Georgia - Isn't that the same shirt he won with last February?

Steve Wandler has pulled another terrific shirt out of his extensive wardrobe.

David Poor also has a serious contendor.

Here is a colorful and bright entry.

Steve Clouther just keeps bringing this shirt to event, hoping he catches it one month when nobody else is here.

Russ Motley is all smiles about his chance of getting his first win of 2012, after a disappointing loss last month.

Judy James is soliciting the support of Nan Armstrong (a judge) and Diane Mahan.

A large portion of the crowd around the bar is getting nervous as the judges are sequestered.

"It has to be one of us."

Mary Henderson is all smiles, but she is not giving out any clues as to the favorite.

Kathy Ferrell is here, giving the judges two females to consider.

Whoa, there are no pink flamingos in Akumal, other than these.

The judges - Nan, Mary and Sharon - ponder their Top 3 and ultimate winner.

"It's really got to be one of us."

Dave Zucker has arrived, and he could be the dark horse in what could be a very tight race.

The judges have made a decision, and . . . .

The tension is high, and the air is so thick -- How thick is it?

Judy James is the winner of the February 2012 Robin's Best Shirt Award.

Congratulations, Judy.

See, this is not just for the men.

Ok, start planning for the March Event, which falls on the 2nd.

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