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 CEA Gala Dinner, February 29, 2012

On Wednesday, February 29, CEA closed out their week long festival with another spectacular GALA Dinner.  As usual, this was the social event of the year, and the place to see, and be seen.  However, this year CEA seemed to go itself one better with a fantabulous line up of entertainment.



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The bar is open. Hope you like a wide variety of red wine.

Pablo is ready to take first shot.

And that draws a crowd.

Sharon Gobi and Isabel Schober

Dave Zucker and Ingrid Clouther

Richard & Arlene Pargot flank Russ Motley.

Denny Mahan and Isabel Schober

Lynda Day, Marcy Essy, and Billy

Memo Essy and Wendell Day.

Pablo Diaz and Sam Goby

Mary Henderson and Sharon Gobi

Pablo Diaz and wife.

Laura Bush and Russ Motley

Wendell Day and Kathy Farrell

Allyson Sheffield and Richard & Arlene - who is minding Chino?

Dave Zucker with Sam & Sharon Gobi

Beniko and Kazue getting ready to go inside.

One last wine for Mary and Richard.

Who thought CEA could be so romantic?

Very fitting for the entertainment that follows.

A little light jazz before dinner.

Mary Henderson and Dave Zucker have their places at Table 10.

As do Richard & Arlene Pargot

Natalie's parents are ready.

So are Beniko and Wendell.

These dancers are from Xcaret, and this was a wonderful show.

The maiden is down on the sacrifical altar.

He's tearing out her heart!

They are going to roast it!!

"That's warm."

The BIG chief with the BIG headress has arrived.

The Maya version of the hot foot.

He has the virgin maiden.

Rhett and Kazue, "Did you see that?"

This percussion group kept up a nasty beat through the whole show.

Beniko and SteveC check out the chocolate fountain.

Denny & Diane Mahan.

Russ & Stephanie Motley

Some after dinner folkloric entertainment.

Natalie and Marcy

Had to do another one to show their raised feet.

Some rockin' music to close the night out.

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