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 Oscar Night, February 26, 2012

Once again, Akumal's Lol Ha Theatre was hosting the Academy Awards event, and a large crowd turned out for the event.  However, the number of 'stars' walking the red carpet seemed to be a bit fewer than in years past.  Some have said it might have been the competing event, CEA's Waves of Change Festival, which was hosting Vibrations of Fire and Water at Plaza Ukana.

Whatever, the Lol Ha staff did it again, with another well organized and run event.  Of course, as one might expect, there were some disappointments on some of the Oscar winners.  The main thing, a good time was had by all.  Wait 'til next year.



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The red carpet is out and inviting for those special stars celebrating the Academy Awards in Akumal.

Loquito is once again holding court at the front entrance.

Wicker provides some excellent entertainment as the warm-up act for the main event.

Sam gets into the act with his Johnny Depp look-alike role.

Laura is doing double duty as the host/MC and the Mystery Guest.

Steve & Judy Holtz are in the upper balcony by the bar area, where they are really enjoying the pre-show activities.

Judy & Tom Baxter are on the aisle off to the left, and they seem to be getting into the Oscar mood as it get closer.

Denny & Diane Mahan are in the same section, and Diane is debating whether to walk the red carpet or not.

The first guest, Gyna, has made it to the interview stand, where Laura gets the latest scoop on her designer outfit.

The judges are at their table where they decide who the best "look alikes" are.

These are the jars where the attendees can enter their nme into the drawing for super prizes, based on who the Oscar winners are.

Walter has arranged an outstanding buffet to serve the masses as they sit through the long show.

The Lol Ha Theatre is quite packed as it get closer to the time for Billy Crystal to take the stage as the Oscar MC.

Two of the judges are up at the bar loking for more to drink.

The Artist wins Best Picture, along with a number of others.

Get ready for another spectacular Academy Awards event at Akumal's Lol Ha Theatre in 2013.

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