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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 ONDARTE Exhibition & Reception, February 24, 2012

On Friday, February 24th, the ONDARTE International Artist Residency presented an exhibition and wine reception for the current artists in residence.  The artists are:

Amy Guion Clay - USA

Jacks Cole - Mexico

Ali Goodwin - USA

Naomi Gittoes - Australia

Adam James Turnbul - Australia

Ryan Walter Wagner - Canada

Once again, this monthly event at ONDARTE attracted a large number of Akumal's "Friends of Art".  This is becoming the social and cultural event of the month, and if there is one on when you are in town, you definitely should make an effort to stop by.


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Maribel opens up ONDARTE for another exhibition and reception with Annette, Russ, and John.

One of the galleries attracts a small group of enthusiasts.

Here is part of the reason why.

A number of locals have congregated in the central gallery.

Very fine work by one of the artists from Australia.

A piece of moving art at the entrance to the exhibit.

Sybille and Monica are definitely having a good time.

Bob Mulgrew explains a piece of art to an uninitiated one.

A large piece - an octopus - by Naomi Gittoes.

Arlene Pargot scrutinizes some work by Amy Guion Clay. She eventually purchased that group of pictures.

Lynda Day purchased this piece from Naomi.

The laundry line without flash.

Get on Maribel's distribution list and/or the ONDARTE Facebook page to learn about the next exhibition in March.

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