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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 Family McElhatten at the Beach Bar, February 24, 2012

Betty McElhatten returned to Akumal after missing last year. Joining her for a week were the 'kids", David, Francesca, Dylan, and Finn.  David & Francesca had their friends along too.

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Francesca & David are glad to be back in Akumal.

They brought along their friends, James & Brenda North-Hearn and their son, Scott.

Betty, here with Kathy Farrell, is glad to have the "kids" in Akumal with her.

The boys, Finn (c) and Dylan (r) have their friend Scott along, and they are all having a good time at the ex-Kids Klub.

David and Leroy spoofing off The Men In Black.

Francesca and Ingrid are catching up on old times.

Scott and James North-Hearn. "Can we stay here, daddy?"

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