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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, December 7, 2012

The sixth full year of Robin's Best Shirt Award event comes to a close this month, and the weather has co-operated to ensure that another fantabulous turn-out was present at the Lol Ha Beach Bar.  There was an excellent turn-out of best shirt contestants and supporters, and once again the judges had a very difficult time making a decision.




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Wow, here's Beryl & Susanne Van Lierop with matching Christmas shirts looking like winners.

David is back again, and he is sporting a real nice entry.

Lou doesn't look like a contetstant, but he does look like a proud new owner of Casa Rodonda.

Dawn & Karl Shubert are happy to be back, and Karl is quite confident about his shirt.

John Mark Davis, a ka' 2-drink John, is wearing a serious contender this week.

Tom Baxter has a very subtle, albeit elegant, shirt on as his entry.

Russ Motley, just back from Denver with a cache of Tommy Bahamas, is looking like a front runner.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Motley seems to be throwing her support to Steve Cole.

Peggy & Mike Stone are keeping a low profile with Mike's magnificent entry.

The judges - Antonio Bolio, Mary Henderson, and Dave Zucker - are taking their time selecting the "best" shirt for December.

Richard Mazzola does his imitation on what to wear when you do not want to win.

Steve Wandler has another subtle but elegent shirt on tonight.

Part of the crowd milling around awaiting a decision.

Cami Mazzola informs Richard he does not have to worry about an acceptance speech.

Macon Gravlee has taken time out from Alabama's quest for the National Title to be here with this entry.

Michael Schwartz intorduces his friend, Doug, to one of Akumal's prime activities.

Mary prepares the audience for the judges committee' decision.

Russ is telling Memo that he is a shoo-in with his new shirt from Denver.

Loquito, dressed all in black, probably has once again gone un-noticed by the judges.

Sherwood & Bob Anders show up late (again) in what looks like a sure winner.

The crowd is on its feet in wild anticipation of the decision.

It is Susanne Van Lierop who has scooped the December 2012 Best Shirt Award.

Looking good, Susanne. Congratulations.

The winner with the judges.

It may look like a long way off, but make sure Santa brings you a "Best Shirt" on Christmas for the first Best Shirt Award of 2013 on January 4th.

Here is another look at the coveted Best Shirt Award trophy.

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