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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 New Beginnings Party at Tequilaville, December 22, 2012

On Saturday, December 22nd, Tequilaville hosted the New Beginnings Party!!  This was a masked event, with sparkling tiaras, pearls, diamonds, and boas.  It was dress up or dress down, it didnít matter, because the world ended on December 21st, and the attendees were there to re-create themselves!!  New dreams were written down, and at the end of the evening Mary set them on fire, sending them free!!!  Party started at 7pm and the burning was at 10:30pm!!  

A very good time was had by all.


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Hail, hail the gang is all here, being greeted by Mary and Ken.

What a group!!!

Stephanie Motley and Ingrid Clouther, those masked marvels, just flew in with masks from Venice.

Alan and Redbeard are well positioned at the head table.

The Three Cabelleros, Santa, Antonio Bolio, and Russ Motley.

Must be the Three Cabelleras, Mrs Santa, Jan Harper, and Sharon Wandler.

Stephanie Motley has a matching outfit, all the way to the mask.

Mary Henderson is sporting a nice looking warm jacket.

Sharon & Steve Wandler are having a good time.

Jan and Ken Anderson share a good laugh.

Ingrid Clouther and Stephanie Motley are the definit big 'hits' of the night.

Russ Motley and Antonio Bolio are well positioned at the bar.

Sharon Wandler has her try behind the mask.

Marry says, "Me too."

Antonio brings in his boogie board for the Tequilaville ceiling.

Didier Jackson (r) snuglling up with Santa Claus.

Stephanie and Mary are unmasked and sharing a good chuckle.

Pablo and his wife are there with the family.

John Mark Davis is here too, and he is having a real good time, albeit with only one drink.

Ken & Mary Anderson, the hosts, are also having a very good time.

No wonder, look at the size of the crowd having a jolly good time.

Here is Kim and the reason John is having a real good time.

Steve & Ingrid Clouther are very festive in their costumes.

Bar decorations.

Mary has collected every one's dreams, and they are being set free into the night air via a puff of smoke.

And the crowd has come outside to watch them float away into the cool night air.

Afterwards, Kim gets her guitar and entertains the crowd.

John is close by.

Kim just has the crowd enthralled with her playing and singing.

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