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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, April 6, 2012

There were no April showers, but the colorful shirts were in full bloom as a flock of contestants swarmed to the Lol Ha Beach Bar on Friday, April 4th for Robin's Best Shirt Award.  One would think that by now all the snowbirds had flew the coop, but there were plenty on hand to give the judges a difficult time in finally rendering a verdict.  A good time was had by all.



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Russ Motley rubbing some luck off Cami's shoulder.

Steve Wandler and Richard Mazzola have on very colorful shirts tonight.

Tom Baxter also has a very good looking entry.

Steve Clouther looks at the other entries and says, "Why not me?"

Didier Jackson has on his usual casual elegance.

Claudia King is looking like a potential surprise winner.

Sharon Wandler and Judy Baxter are all smiles as they root for their husbands.

Not to be outdone, Ingrid Clouther and Stephanie Motley unite to root home the winner.

Michelle Bliss and Lynda Day, two of the judges, look things over very closely.

Hollis Hines and Sharon Winkel seem to be quite indifferent to the whole thing.

Now, here is Red Beard with what looks like a sure winner.

No slouch here either.

It is getting close to decision time, and the crowd is antsy.

Steve, Richard, Steve and Russ provide a very colorful backdrop for this month's Best Shirt Award.

The judges are going through their 'top 3' to narrow down the field to the Best Shirt for April.

Judy Baxter and George Plamondon say, "Get on with it."

The judges have the trophy ready, and they have made a decision.

Mary Henderson gets everyone's attention and announces the winner . . .

Russ Motley. "Who me? I won again?"

Congratulations, Russ.

Russ Motley with the spoils of the April 2012 Best Shirt Award.

Mark May 4th on your calendar for the next Best Shirt Award.

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