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 ONDARTE Exhibition, April 28, 2012

On Friday, April 28th, the ONDARTE International Artists Residency hosted its April Exhibition & Cocktails.  The artists in residence include Gülkan Böke, Victoria Sterkel, and Kelly Weime.  The three artists were quite diverse in their art and medium, and the attendees were quite enthralled with the work on display.  In fact, one of the artists sold two, maybe three, paintings.



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This is the first piece - done by Gülkan Böke - as you entered the gallery.

Some more work by Gülkan Böke.

Kelly Weime shows off some of her work.

The crowd seemed to have gravitated towards the far end of the gallery.

Here, Victoria Sterkel discusses her work and technique. The paint is still wet on this piece.

Dan Freeman has his sights set on this piece, and I believe they are discussing price.

Two more piecdes by Victoria, and the one on the left, if not both of them, will soon be hanging in Casa Colibri.

Richard Dooley, along with his daughter and Mary Henderson, take a rest after touring the gallery.

Gülkan Böke discusses one of his pieces with a patron of the arts.

Yes, they did it; see the money in Dan's hand. Dave Zucker and Dan Freeman with their new purchase. "Where do we hang it?" "Time for a party."

Watch for next month's Exhibition & Cocktails, which probably will be on Saturday, May 26.

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