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Robin's Best Shirt Award, September 2, 2011

As we all know, September is not the high point of the season or the Best Shirt Event, but surprisingly, this was a very well attended event, and the judges had an extremely difficult time narrowing the field down to the ultimate winner.  This was a case where the contestants literally came from far and wide, and if a prize was to be given for coming the furthest, it easily go to Neil Humphreys, who came from Doha, State of Qatar.

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And, here is Neil, and he is sporting a very nice shirt from some far off exotic place.

Russ Motley forgot about this being the 1st Friday of the month, so he is cozying up to Mary.

Dan Freeman swears he is going to wear this shirt to every 1st Friday until the judges award him the coveted trophy.

Roger Burton is in town for the Best Shirt Award, and he has on a very classy entry.

Antonio also has on a very classy shirt, albeit not very beach bar-ish.

Sherwood & Bob Anders are in for a couples award, but the judges, especially Mary, are not too sure about the fine print in the Rules Book.

Dave Zucker does have on a very nice Robin-ish shirt, and he could be a contender.

No, Red Beard is not phoning it in. He is here and well represented once again.

The Three Cabelleros.

Denise Koval is giving Neil the third degree about his shirt.

Paula Humphreys and Bob Mulgrew share a few insights about Neil's shirt and his possible acceptance speech.

Yes, it is another jam packed bar as the locals jockey for position with their Best Shirts.

The judges - SteveC, Mary, and Scott Brown - are contemplating all the excellent entries.

Beryl, a late comer, says, "Hey, what about me and New Orleans?"

"Come on Mary, let's have the winner."

It's all pins and needles out there. The atmosphere is electric.

"it's OK Roger. Even if you don't win, I'll still love you tomorrow."

Mary is ready. "And the winner of the September 2011 Robin's Best Shirt Award is . . . . "

.. Neil Humphreys"

"And to think, your daughter wasn't a judge this year."

Paula shares the award with Neil.

And while all this is going on, Laura is being filmed by a filming company doing a Rviera Maya tourism project.

And, this tourist is taking advantage of the Wi-Fi at this local Internet Cafe/Bar.

Excitement fills the air, and the crowd just cannot get enough of the excitement.

"I bet I was not even a remote consideration."

Mark October 7th on your calender, because that is the next Best Shirt Event at the Lol Ha Beach Bar. Come prepared.

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