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Robin's Best Shirt Award, August 5, 2011

While the attendance at last month's Best Shirt Award was a tad on the meager side, the competition for August was coming out of the woodwork.  And, more importantly, there were some very excellent shirts from which the judges had to decide.  The competition was very stiff, and the bookies kept going back on forth on who the front runner might be, and at what odds.  So when the winner was finally announced, it was quite a surprise, especially for the winner.

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Russ Motley is front and center with another superb entry.

Not to be outdone, Sam Goby is doing Playa Caribe proud.

Ron Stern has a terrific hula dancer (on back) shirt for the Caribbean.

Nick Ille is back in the competition after a month lay-off.

David Poor is bringing his palm trees indoors for this month's event.

Mike Cook is all smiles about his chances.

Sara is here rooting on her Nick's chances.

Nancy is looking to also be a contender while rooting for David.

Whoa... Here is Red Beard with what is considered to be the odds on favorite.

And, he brought his mascot as good luck.

Sharon Goby is giving Mary some tips on why Sam should win again; something about "best night ever".

Stephanie, Ingrid and Claudia are just amazed al all the great shirts, in August!!

Steve Clouther is back with yet another fantabulous shirt, but he says, "What are my chances on a night like this?"

Bery Vanlierop has a classy, but subtle, shirt this month.

Dan Freeman is determined to win with his black-and-white Akumal turtle shirt. Wait till next month, Dan.

Dave Zucker is also looking quite sharp with his August entry.

Are they trying to psych each other out or just comparing notes?

Stephanie and Susanne give Beryl's shirt their Seal of Approval.

The judges - Allyson, Mary, and Hugh - do have a very tough decision this month.

Red Beard is still 'looking good', and seems to have the support of David & Nancy.

Dan and Russ welcome David Richards back to Akumal and the Beach Bar.

The crowd is starting to get restless as it mingles in on the judges looking for the winner.

And Mary is about ready, as she recognizes a number of the entrants who had a very good representation.

Mary's co-judges look on, knowing the answer.

The winner of the August 2011 Robin's Best Shirt Award is Steve Clouther!

Steve Clouther stands in the winner's circle once again, and he was really surprised by this victory.

Surprised at the turn-out in August, Robin agrees with the judge's decision, "That is my kind of a shirt."

Get ready for September 2nd, knowing that SteveC has been taken out of the competition and will be a judge.

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