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Robin's Best Shirt Award, July 1, 2011

It must have been the long July 4th weekend or the weather, or something, but the turnout for this month's Best Shirt Award was a little on the meager side.  However, the light turnout did nothing to detract from a fantabulous array of shirts that made the judge's decision a very tough one.  The judges did deliberate hard and long before reaching their decision, and a good one it was.

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Dave Zucker is on hand to kick off the long July 4th weekend.

Just back in town, Dave Bliss has beer in hand, and he is wearing a contender.

Hugh Maynard is also back in town, albeit without his usual Robin 'original'.

Bery Van Lierop has a real nice entry, and he has to be another serious consideration.

Here's Rick Minkler with a neat Hawaiian shirt, and his friend Janie Morgan is supporting the occasion.

Not to be outdone, Dan Freeman is giving it his best shot with a very classy number.

Nick, last month's winner, is sitting on the sidelines with Sara.

Steve Clouther gets support from Ingrid for his (annual) patriotic entry; this should be a definite winner.

Russ Motley and Malou enjoy some real estate conversation while all the hub-bub goes on around them.

The judges - Hugh, Marry Ann, and Nick - are about to make their decision known.

Russ says, "Hey, don't forget me."

Loquito, sitting on the sidelines, is a late entry.

The winner is Rick, with his flowerful entry.

Rick Minkler wins Robin's Best Shirt Award for July 2011.

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