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Robin's Best Shirt Award, June 3, 2011

Who would have ever thunk it?  The turn-out for June's Best Shirt Award was absloootely  MMMMaaaahhh-vellousss, and the quality of the entries made for a very tough process for Mary and her extended Judging Committee.  However, they did weed through the entrants and their supporting stories, and they did ultimately decide on a winner.  There were many runner-ups.

Laura had planned to have Chef Carlos put out some Lionfish appetizers on the bar, but the crowd grew to such proportions, it was decided there was not enough Lionfish for the crowd.  Maybe next week.

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Paul Rasmussen heads back to Vail tomorrow, and he wants to take the trophy with him.

Wendell Day is deep in his thoughts of coming up with another winner.

Dan Freeman - Mr Corona - also has very high expectations.

Not to be outdone, Dave Zucker, is not going to get lost in the crowd.

Bob Radamacher is not having any of it, just a good time.

Dra. K. Daniela Villagran M. from the pharmacy in the pueblo is making an appearance at this event.

Steve Clouther is on hand to grab another victory.

However, Nick Ille is looking like a very strong competitor.

Carolyn Harris and Hugh Maynard are back in town, but Hugh does not have his original Robin shirt.

Rita & Joel, new owners of in Aventuras Akumal (Bought Iverson's condo) are making their debut with a solid entry.

Susanne Van Lierop is in contention tonight.

Beryl Van Lierop has a strong contendor of his own.

Nick is getting a lot of encouragement from Sara Marsden-Ille.

Dan and Dave are giving each other encouragement, and they want a prize for "The Dynamic Duo."

The crowd, at three deep at the bar, is getting anxious about the judge's decision.

We need a winner.

The judges have been sequestered in an attempt to come to an agreement without any outside bias. Bribes didn't work either.

Gabriella Herbert and Gayle Rasmussen are discussing the key to Gabriella's new Mini Cooper.

Ingrid and Ann Marie are discussing the weather and lack of rain.

Peggy & Mike Stone are in competition with each other, and some early bets were on Peggy. Does that shirt look familar??

Russ Motley could not make it due to a previous engagement in Cancun, but he sent his Hummer.

Bob is getting the "I told you to wear your wedding DJ shirt" business from Ann Marie.

Here is the new Beach Bar Capitan, and he is enjoying his first Best Shirt night.

Ann Kennedy and Laura share a few chuckles are decision time approaches.

This is a napkin, not an absentee entry. Gayle Rasmussen brought a bunch down from Vail for Mary.

Looks like Sara and Nick have already started their victory dance - they must know something, or somebody.

The judges - Annette, Mary, Sophie, and Ed - have made their final decision, and the winner of the June 2011 Best Shirt is . . .

DISQUALIFIED!! For actions unbecoming my memory and spirit of the "Best Shirt Award", by leaving town reportedly owing people money.