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Robin's Best Shirt Award, May 6, 2011

Mary Henderson was back in town, and she once again took control of the voting for this month's Best Shirt Award. Realizing that SteveC was not going to be attempting an unprecedented 6th win, the Lol Ha Beach Bar was absolutely swarming with a large number of wanna-bees.  Needless to say, the competition was fierce, but Mary was able to sort through all the fluff and come up with a first-time winner.

Photos are by Mary Henderson


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Kevin (RedBeard) McKee kicks things off with this fabulous entry.

Here we have a non-entry who has not read the Rules & Regulations for Best Shirt Award.

Here is a good entry getting a lot of support from the wife.

Cammie and Marcy are having a heck of a time evaluating the bevy of entries.

Richard and Memo seem interested, but not too overly enthused.

On the other hand, Sharon & Steve Wandler show a lot of confidence in Steve's chances.

Rocio is back and looking good, albeit without her Casa Zama support group.

Russ Motley and Ron Sterm are looking very smart and competitive with their shirts.

Wendell Day says, "Don't forget about me. I am here to WIN!!!"

Stephanie Motley is all smiles as she seems to have a very high condidence level in Russ' chances.

Paul knows the rules, but he still seems to think he has a chance.

"I agree with Paul. Polo shirts should be allowed."

Tammi disagrees. "No polo shirts. It has to have a collor and button down the front."

Cheryle chimes in with, "That's right, and my boss should win this going away."

Mary seems to be soliciting some help and support from Gayle Rasmussen for this one.

These tourists think the whole thing is a barrel of monkeys, not realizing the lengths, and depths, people go to win the coveted Best Shirt Award.

Is this the shape of things to come?

The Judging Committee is about to make their important decision, and the winner of May's Best Shirt Award is...

Steve Wandler as a unanimous choice.

"I finally won."

Watch out, July's Best Shirt Award jumps right out at you on the 1st.

Rumor has it that we might have a ringer next month.

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