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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Easter Sunday BBQ at Sirenas, April 24, 2011

Another Friday night beach bar idea comes to fruition, as the Motleys (Russ & Stephanie) had a motley crew over to Sirenas for an Easter Sunday BBQ beach party over on their private beach.  We can't use the phrase "it was a dark and stormy night", but "it was a clear, sun-drenched, windy day" would work.  It was great kite flying weather for Russ.

By all accounts, it was another MMMaaahhh-velllousss Akumal event.

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This is the drop-off point for what looks like a safari.

It does not take very long before Russ has set up camp and got the BBQ all fired up.

Just in time too, because Bob is chomping at the bit to get those hot dogs on the grill.

Meanwhile, outside the range of the lighter fluid and grill smoke, another part of the camp has been set up.

The coals are not quite burned down to hot ash, but the crowd is hungry and cookin'.

Russ is really enjoying it. "MMhh, that arrancherra is real good going down."

To work off the food, Russ takes the kite for a spin, providing some instructions to Ricardo along the way.

What is a safari camp without a tent. Thankfully, Bob had a tent - went up in 3 minutes - in his SUV, and it was a life saver from the noon day sun.

How windy is it, Russ? Windy enough to get the kite all tangled up.

While The Akumalian Staff bailed out in mid-afternoon, most of the safari campers remained to about sunset

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