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Robin's Best Shirt Award, April 1, 2011

It was April Fool's Day, and Mary Henderson was 'out of town'.  In her place were Judy Baxter, and Bud & Alice Blatner as judges, and the Lol Ha Beach Bar was a-buzz with wild and crazy anticipation, wondering how they could make a selection from the plethora of 'best shirts' that were on hand.  There is some speculation on HOW, but nothing has been proven.  A good time was had by all.

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Russ Motley has Lennie cornered, trying to get support for his shirt.

Ken Goldstein seems to be working on Bud Blatner for an endorsement for his entry.

Kevin 'Red Beard' McKee has brought along his patron saint of beer for guidance.

Yolanda encourages Jamie with, "You definitely have the brightest one."

Lynda Day is making a run at the trophy with this impressive design.

Meanwhile, Wendell Day (r) seems to have other thoughts on his mind, with Cheryl keeping him company.

Stephanie Motley has a great shirt, and she gets encouragement from Camie Mazzola.

Dave & Dan are recently back from Philly, and they are sporting real classy shirts for this event.

George Plamondon (r) - the Legend - and friend are casual observers.

Dan gets encouragement from Arlene Pargot.

The judges cannot get the trophy case open!!! Will they call the event off??

Working with a butter knife, Sam is determined to get the case opened, so "the show can go on."

Richard Pargot is looking like a real contender as he sports his victory smile.

However, Rocio Cue Romero has her sights on the trophy as she snuggles up to one of the two judges, who are also from Casa Zama.

Steve Holtz has another great shirt on.

Steve Clouther, looking at the Casa Zama connection, seems to thrown in the towel.

Yolanda seems to be casting her vote towards having another female winner, Lynda.

Judy Holtz (r) is working on getting Cheryl to swing from Wendell to Steve Holtz.

Finally, the waiting and anticipation are almost over as Judy Baxter gets ready to announce the winner.

It is a unanimous decision by the judges. The winner is Rocio.

Two of the judges and the winner are from Casa Zama, and this leads to an angry mob shouting "Casa Zama Fix. Casa Zama Fix."

Peaceful heads prevail, and the judges are allowed another photo op with the winner.

Mark May 6 on your calendar for the next "Robin's Best Shirt Award."

And, the next day, Saturday May 7, is the "Running of the Roses" at the Lol Ha Beach Bar.

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