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Quintana Roo, Mexico

St. Patrick's Day at Beach Bar, March 17, 2011

T'was a mighty fine evenin' as the wee Irish folk gathered at the local pub in Akumal to drink a few brews, tell a lot of golf and curling stories, admire the mighty fine hats worn by the lasses, and just have a wonderful time wearin' of the green in celebration of St Patty.


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Loquito is the host for this evening's celebration.

David is in the mood and spirits with a green shirt and liquer.

Laura and Russ are taking it all in and having fun too.

The 'Mad Hatters' are on the scene as the first stop on their Pub Crawl.

Bob Mulgrew looks on, wondering, "Where's my hat?"

Ingrid assures Stephanie that she "looks mmmmaaaahhh-vvvellloussss".

Cami and Gail are proudly wearing their green.

Diane & Denny are celebrating this as their last night in Akumal for some time, as they return to Atlanta tomorrow.

Didier and George are sharing some of those golf stories.

Bay & Chis Haas's son and daughter (r) with daughter-in-law.

The Lol Ha Pub is having a moment of Gaelic conversation.

Sam and his tray of green colored liquer drinks; very tyasty.

Lucy James has returned to Akumal in time for the celebration, and is seen here with Richard Pargot.

The "Mad Hatters" have picked up a couple more as they head out to the next stop on their Pub Crawl.

Loquito has moved inside, and he and Ingrid Clouther compare hair doos.

Steve Clouther sits down with Loquito after doing his famous Irish Jig on the bar.

Kevin McKeen, now known as 'Green Beard', shows off his heritage.

Photo Scott Brown

"Now, tell uncle St. Patrick what you want for St Patty's Day."

Photo Scott Brown

The clover patch is the last stop on the Pub Crawl.

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