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CEA Gala Dinner, March 3, 2011

On Thursday, March 3, CEA culminated its Annual Festival with the Gala Dinner at Akumal's CEA Convention Center, and this was the social event of the month, and the place to see and be seen.  Needless to say, the Akumal community turned out in droves to support CEA and have a good time in the bargain.  It was an idyllic, star-filled evening outside for the cocktail hour, and a classical (violin) evening inside where the wine flowed freely, and the Turtle Bay Cafe catered dinner kept everyone in a very good frame of mind.

It is never too early to start planning on being in Akumal next March for this Event.

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CEA's Banquet Hall was decorated in all its finery for the Gala Dinner.

A classical violinist provided wonderful background music that eventually got lost in the acoustics of the hall.

Ouside, during the cocktail hour, Hollis Hines and Sharon Wandler toast the evening.

The Reverand Kevin McKee has his priorities straight with Michelle Bliss and Sherwood Anders.

Kathy Farrell enjoys a bright conversation with Ivan and Natalie.

Michelle has moved over to greet Kathleen & Steve Cole.

Dave Bliss is with John & Allyson Sheffield, and 'RedBeard'

Here is one for you. Can you match the feet/shoes to the person?

Rhett Schober and Cheryl are having a quiet moment.

? on left. Camie Mazzola and Stephanie Motley are really enjoying the evening.

Richard Mazzola, Russ Motley, and Ron Stern are contemplating the volume of red wine vs white wine being consumed.

The crowd is really enjoying the cocktail hour under the stars and may not get inside for dinner.

Wendell Day and Kathy enjoying a good laugh.

Marieke and Judy Baxter dancing cheek-to-cheek.

Jissou & Thiery Vander Elst are looking very European in their attire.

Hey, there is The Akumalian photographer with Marieke.

The dinner bell has been rung, and the guests are slowly making their way to their tables.

Steve & Kathleen Cole have found their seats.

Michelle & Dave have found each other and their table #8.

Brook Gordon (r) and friend are at table #1.

SteveC now takes on the role of usher, helping these lovely ladies find their table.

Before the meal begings, Paul has the food and guests blessed with a traditional Maya blessing.

Sharon & Steve Wandler do not seem too interested in the food. They only have eyes for each other.

Judy & Tom Baxter have made their entree selections and are now just waiting the delivery.

Brook gives Paul a "job well done" hug.

Rhett does the same with Laura.

Rhett does the same with another.

Didier gets into the act too. It's seems contagious.

Who are those two old guys?

Tom & Brook Gordon are enjoying the necklace Brook won in the verbal auction.

George and Hollis are checking out the dessert table. Lookin' gooood!

Russ &Stephanie Motley are looking just MMMMaaaahhhh-vvellloussss.

Dave Zucker is flying solo again tonight as Dan is bit "under the weather".

Tom & Brook listen intently as Paul tells them about the special awards he has.

Charlene is the recipient of an award to the person who has been the best publicicst and supporter of CEA and its activities.

And, she gets a well deserved standing ovation in recognition of her endless and tireless efforts.

Kudos to CEA and its entire staff for another job well done.

Mark March - date to be determined - for the CEA Gala 2012. It is never too early to plan ahead for such an Event in Akumal.

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