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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Robin's Best Shirt Award, March 4, 2011

 We have turned the corner and are heading towards Spring, and Robin's Best Shirt Award was a great way to kick-start the season. The contestants and observers were three deep at the bar, and there were some spectacular entries this month. 

As such, this was a very tightly contested event, and Mary enlisted the support of two additional judges to help her wade through the crowd and make a selection.  The winner was an obvious unanimous choice.



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"RedBeard" and Dave Bliss celebrate a Robin 'original' worn by Dave.

The crowd is three deep at the bar.

Pat Reagan is looking very smart with his entry.

Hey, look at Judy Baxter making a run for the award.

Not to be outdone, Tom Baxter looks to be a contendor as well.

Sam Goby has a real fine looking shirt, and he is already toasting his apparent victory.

Ron Stern just got into town and is more interested in the mathematical thread count in his shirt.

Steve Clouther has beer covered entry ready for serious consideration.

Tony James is looking very elegant tonight.

Tony's cheering section of Jill, Judy, and Julie.

Sherwood Anders strike a pose for the judges.

One of Terry Datica's boys is ready for his first competition.

Michael Schwartz flew in from Mexico City via NYC for the competition.

Bud Blatner, fresh from a day behind the camera, is all gung-ho about his chances tonight.

Russ Motley has yet another fantastic entry.

Sherwood and SteveC compare beer logos.

The judges are really deep into making a tough decision.

Hollis Hines and Denny Mahan are encouraging Mary to "get on with it".

Mary is prolonging the anxiety and tension..

The crowd is on its feet trying to get a glimpse of the March 2011 Best Shirt Award winner.

It is Judy Baxter. Congratulations.

Good job Judy.

Judy strikes a Wimbeldon pose.

Watch out. Next month's Best Shirt Award is on April 1st!!!