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Super Bowl, February 6, 2011

Sunday, February 6, was the date for Super Bowl XLIV, and while the actual game might have been played in Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas,  THE place to be was the Lol Ha Beach Bar, which was jam packed with fans, tourists, and on-lookers.  Charlene had her betting pool boards made up, and Laura had piles of the Super Bowl T-shirts ready for sale.  There were TVs all around the Beach Bar, and Chef Carlos and the kitchen were pumping out the spare ribs and other delightful meals as fast as they could.

The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers were the teams on this Sunday, and as it turned out, the Packers took the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay.


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Super Bowl 45 is one of the prime events in February.

And it is played in the new Cowboy Stadium, one of the largest covered stadiums in the world. Texas style.

The Lombardi Trophy is what it is all about.

David & Laura are there early, in their sky box, greeting the early arrivals.

One of the first to arrive is Loquito, and he is right at home at the concession bar.

Steve & Sharon Wandler arrive early and have set up their own tailgate party.

SteveC has the reservations on the 50-yard line in the south end zone.

It's also designated as The Party Zone.

The sky box is rapidly filling up.

Diane & Denny Mahan are down in the front row and are ready to start on some of those ribs.

Bud Blatner is covering his bets with Alice and Isabel.

Leroy & Margaret Wiedman are also in the box seats but have a partial obstruction with one post.

Mary Henderson could not get away from the tailgate party fast enough, so she is over in The Party Zone.

Over at the North end zone we have Wendell & Lynda Day, who have a good view towards the large screen.

Also over there, in the same box, is Jamie Foshee and a friend.

More of Jamie's friends, who are in town for the BIG Event.

SteveC stops the Foshee box to say hello to Yolanda.

The north side of the Lol Ha stadium is just about at capacity.

Bud is making some last minute wagers on Charlene's betting pool.

It is about kick-off time and Loquito is still undecided on who he is rooting for.

Mary has moved down to the front row.

How is this for a setting to watch the Super Bowl??

It is a fast moving, high drama game.

So is the half time show by the Black Eyed Peas.

Mark your calendar for Super Bowl XLVI which is going to happen on February 7 in Indianapolis and Akumal's Lol Ha Beach Bar.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have it marked, and Tom says, "We'll be there!"

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