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Oscar Night at Lol Ha Beach Bar, February 27, 2011

Once again, the Lol Ha Beach Bar was the site of the Oscar Telecast and Event, which was very well attended by locals, stars, and celebrities.  The Akumal Red Carpet (ARC) was ablaze with glitter and glamour, as co-hosts Laura Bush and Mary Hartman of Entertainment Tonight greeted  each of the stars.  And, Chef Carlos served up one fantabulous buffet of appetizers as the party continued well into the night.


Thanks to Laura's photographer for a number of the photos.

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Laura is ready to host another Oscar Night Event at the Lol Ha Beach Bar.

Marcy and Maimo are on hand to enjoy the festivities.

Mary Hart (Sherwood Anders) from ET is on hand to help out with the red carpet interviews.

Denny & Diane Mahan are in the audience with their friends from the Harbor Club.

Do you recognize them?

Another couple from the Harbor Club.

More of Di's friends.

Tom & Judy Baxter (Black Swan) have great seats.

Gabriella is taking things in.

Jim & Kathy Farrell are getting into their seats just in time.

Russ & Stephanie Motley are keeping Steph's "Celebety Status" under wraps.

The whole office is here entertaining a client, Kristie.

Stephanie stays in character. Who is the mysterious star?

Dave Zucker and IngridC are deep in discussion of the nominees.

Marcy Essy and Isabel Schober are having their conversation about the nominees.

Isabel's friends.

On the red carpet, Audrey Hepurn and . D&D's friends.

It's Elizabeth Taylor (Diane Mahan).

Kate Winslett is here too (Isabel Schober).

Marcy & Maimo like the show so far.

Philip Seymore Hoffman (Dave Bliss) as Capote along with Angelina Jolie (Michelle Bliss) from The Tourist.

Sharon & Sam Gobi are just amazed at the clothes the celebrities are wearing tonight.

Kristie and Cheryl are absolutely enthralled with the people who are here.

The Black Swan (Judy Baxter) has flown in for the event.

She's still flying.

Loquito is guarding the wine for the Silent Auction.

Will Smith (Sam) with some of the special drinks designed for the Oscars.

Sharon & Sam try their hand/face at the cut-out.

It's Woody (Steve Clouther) from Toy Story 3

"I'm looking for Buzz Lightyear. He left me behind in LAX."

Buzz Lightyear (Jason) is here too.

Buzz brought a green friend along.

Here's Mattie Ross Gynna) right out of the wild "True Grit".

Juan, Lorrinda and baby like the cow girl.

Chef Carlos says, "Let's eat. We have some great appetizers here."

And, they lined up for some terrific appetizers.

Denny liked the appetizers.

Diane liked the costumes.

Steve Clouther is awarded Best Male Look Alike.

Thanks to my contingent of German designers.

Jason, a ka' Buzz, gets runner up.

Gynna gets Best Female Look Alike.

Best Dressed Female.

"Wait, herer is a late comer, the Black Swan (Paul)."

A little live entertainment.

David Bliss is the Best Dressed Male, without a doubt.

Dave and Paul.

Final bets in the pool.

Didier and Michelle celebrate Dave's win.

Stephanie gives another clue on her mystery celebrity.

And, it's time to see who guessed Doris Day.

Ingrid Clouther is the winner!!!!

Ingrid Clouther wins again, this time the pool for Best Actor.

Jason and Gynna enjoy their victories at the VIP Table.

John & Allyson Sheffield are about to call it a night.

Sam announces that Steve Clouther was the high bidder on two bottles of wine. Well done.

Sherwood congratulated by Didier and Sam.

SteveC preparing for "Woody" in the waiting room, earlier.

Everything seems to be in order. Ready to go.

Twee-dee-dee-da-doo. See you next year Dee-dee-dee.

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