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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Robin's Best Shirt Award, February 4, 2011

   The second Best Shirt Award event of 2011 kicked off with a fantabulous turn-out at the Lol Ha Beach Bar on Friday, February 4, 2011, as the the event-laden month swings into full gear, with this event following close on the heels of Groundhog Day, and just preceding Super Bowl Sunday. This was the Super Bowl of Best Shirts as everyone pulled out all the stops to take home this coveted trophy.  The crowd was literally 3-deep at bar, clamoring for more drinks, thus sometimes overwhelming the very energetic and enthusiastic bar staff.

    Needless to say, the competition was very intense, but it seemed like Mary Henderson and her co-judges, Bud & Alice Blatner, were not swayed by any temptations - even being on the front cover of The Akumalian - and they were very unanimous in their ultimate selection.  Like always, there were a number of entrants calling for a recount, but calm and cooler heads prevailed.


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Ken & Mary Anderson have gotten so involved with Best Shirt night, they even ventured away from Taquillaville.

Diane & Denny Mahan are back in town, and Diane has Denny sporting a very special Don Ho uke shirt.

"Red Beard" is going 'all in' with this shirt that has reportedly been borrowed from somebody who would not wear it??? Could be a winner.

Here is a smart, sophisticated looking shirt.

Mary Henderson and Russ Motley, who is really sweet-talking Mary into his favor.

Bud & Alice Blatner are having a relaxing time as Bud models a Robin original.

David Poor has a very colorful entry, and he even got a drink.

Steve Clouther, once again, has the best shirt, but he is still looking for a drink. "Hey, Victor, Cuba Libre, por favor."

Phill Combs is back in town after a long absence up in the hills of TN and mountains of Mexico.

Steve Wandler and Bay Haas share a lighter moment before the balloting and judging gets too intense.

Somebody is putting the hex on Denny as Kathy Farrell and Thierry look on.

Wally & Jan Koenst have a prominent position at the bar, as Wally is looking for his first win.

Hey, it's Maimo Essy, who has also ventured over from Aventuras to try for his first win.

John Sheffield, sans Allyson, is another one of the many contenders wearing a very competitive shirt.

Mary is looking just absolooootely mmmmaaaaah-vellllous in her fashionable outfit and new 'doo'.

Jim Power is back at Jade Bay, and he is wearing his very fashionable Tommy Bahama entry.

As the time draws near, Phill pulls in Lisa for support and luck.

Tony James is out of the running with his polo shirt, but he and Judy have thrown their support to John.

Larry & Karen Kantor look on with mild amusement, knowing they are all packed for their return to New Jersey on Saturday.

The judges - Bud, Mary and Alice - haveen looking over all the entries, and it seems like they might be close to a decision.

"Gather around and ye shall hear, who the second winner is this year. The winner is . . . ."

Denny Mahan.. This is Denny's first nomination and first win, and it was reported as being unanimous.

"I'd like to thank my fabulous wife, Diane, for buying this shirt. Then Don Ho, for allowing me to wear it this evening. Then the judges.

OK, March 4th is the next Best Shirt Award, so start planning and buying now. Mark the calendar.