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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Live Nativity, December 23, 2011

Once again, Marcy Essy organized and coordinated Akumal's Live Nativity on the Akumal stage.  This was the 10th year that Akumal has presented this wonderful, crowd pleasing Christmas pageant.


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Like Mary and Joseph, Akumal was once again drawn to the Live Nativity.

Little Ben, Myrna Sparks grandson, wants to see Santa.

Marcy, as the MC, got things started and kept them rolling on time and schedule.

The stage is set, and the principal players are in place.

The crowd is taking its place, and there are a few empty chairs in the auditorium.

On this side, we have the children from the library who will provide some choral music later on.

The Three Wise Men.

It is a Live Nativity.

Children from Hekab Be Biblioteca provide the choral portion of the program.

The entire theatre is enraptured by their singing.

Monika leads "The Wave" from the back row.

Laura reads from the Book of Psalms.

Kai is quite excited by this thrilling event.

As mommy, Marieke, leads the lighting of the Advent Wreath candles.

Kai, Marieke, and Scott finishes the candles while Marcy tells the story behing the Advent Wreath.

The flame from the Advent candles is spread among the audience.

There's enough to go around for everyone.

Here's some for you too.

Natalie sings some very lovely songs.

And with that, another Akumal Live Nativity comes to an end.