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Robin's Best Shirt Award, December 2, 2011

It was the last Robin's Best Shirt Award event of 2011.  The contestants brought out their finest "best" shirts in an attempt to take home the very coveted trophy. This made for a very tough decision by the illustrious panel of judges, who did not have to publicize their votes for the competitive contestants.  Fortunately, their decision was well accepted by the milling throng, and no Occupy Akumal protest resulted.

January 2012 kicks off the 6th year for this event, and with all the snow birds around, it is sure to be another fiercely competitive event.  Come early to ensure you are recognized and accounted for by Mary and her co-judges.


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Dave Zucker leads the parade for the last Best Shirt event for 2011.

John follows with his own balancing act.

Bud Blatner has just returned from Philly, and he is sporting his Philly-best.

Mike Cook is also back in town, and he has on a very classy shirt.

An unknown gate-crasher has something that should catch the judges' attention.

Russ Motley has another mighty fine shirt, as well as comments about that 'other' one.

Another unknown with a pretty good entry.

Antonio just cannot get into the swing of things, but he likes Russ' shirt.

Bente Palmer, back in town for this event, says, "I'll drink to that."

Wendell Day has a very mighty fine shirt and good chances to take home another trophy.

Rocio Cue is all smiles with her chances of taking home another winner; her landlord is a judge.

Bente really likes Ingrid Clouther's shirt as she points it out to the judges.

Mike Stone also has a serious contender.

Beryl Van Lierop has arrived with a classic palm tree motif from the South Pacific.

Stephanie and Anne Marie are amazed by the wide range of very attractive shirts.

Marcy has a birthday card for Francys, and she is collecting names and best wishes.

Didier Jackson has returned for the season, and he brings a very classy, formal shirt.

Not be be outdone, Sherwood Anders arrives with her Santa hat.

Laura, Bud, and Mary are the judges for this well attended event.

Mike is getting a lot of last minute support from Peggy.

Bob Anders is ready to fight for this month's trophy, or another beer.

It looks like the judges are having a difficult time coming up with a consensus and a winner.

The winner of the December 2011 Robin's Best Shirt Award is Dave Zucker.

Well done, Dave. Congratulations.

SteveC was on hand as The Staff photographer and reporter for The Akumalian in a non competitive capacity.

Next month kicks of the 6th year of monthly Robin's Best Shirt events, so get ready for January 6.

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