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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Alcaraz and Stein Art Show, December 2 - 3, 2011


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The flyer for the Alcaraz and Stein Art Show at Casa Magna.

The two artists, Eduardo Stein and Enrique Alcaraz.

Paintings from Enrique Alcaraz and Eduardo Stein.

Paintings of Eduardo Stein.

Two from Enrique Alcaraz.

Rocio, Mary, and Dave are enjoying the art and wine.

Enrique Alcaraz's Bombas and two 3d boxes.

One of the 3D boxes from Enrique Alcaraz.

Another 3D box by Enrique Alcaraz.

Two contrasting works from Enrique Alcaraz.

Enrique's "Nymph & Faun on a Rooster"

Another 3D box by Enrique Alcaraz.

Detail of the 3D box.