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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Flea Market, December 17, 2011

Juan Antonio Huerta Illescas coordinated an Akumal Flea Market at Plaza Ukana on Saturday, December17th.  The Staff photographer did not get over there until early in the afternoon, and by that time, many of the tables had been packed away and gone.  However, it was deemed quite a success, and it is expected that Akumal will see more of these.  You can contact Juan Antonio at 875-9091 or 984 876 2131 (cellular) about future Flea Markets.  Save those fleas.






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The main street of the Flea Market.

Claudia has a few things left, including some of Bobby's DVDs.

Richard Mazzola takes advantage of his proximity to the Main Street.

Isabel Schober is also there with her paintings and jewelry.

Inside Richard's Gallery.

More inside Richard's Gallery.