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Robin's Best Shirt Award, November 4, 2011

Considering that this is November, and it was the night after the exciting Celtic Fusion played at the Beach Bar, this was one very well attended and contested Best Shit Events Akumal has seen in a long time.  The Beach Bar definitely was the place to be on the 4th, and Mary had to resort to three additional judges to help her sort out a winner; in reality, it was a no-brainer.

And, as The Staff of The Akumalian had arranged with NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) flew over Akumal's Beach Bar just as the Best Shirt event was getting under way.  Unfortunately, this fly-over was witnessed by only a few people.



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Mary is early this evening in anticipation of a tough competition.

Russ Motley and Antonio are taking a laid-back approach to tonight's competition.

Jamie and his daughter, Angie, are 'out on the town' for her last night in Akumal.

Beryl & Susanne Van Lierop are looking smart this evening.

Steve Holtz is back in Aventuras Akumal, and he is ready for the competition.

Dave Zucker is going solo tonight, and he too is looking to take home the trophy.

A mystery guest, a ka' Kathy Sohnheim, is dressed for the occassion.

Phil Combs just flew in from Quanajuato with this Day of the Dead shirt that looks like it has WINNER written all over it.

Steve & Sharon Wandler are dressed for the event.

Nancy Poor and Gail Rowland are having a good chat as they eye the array of shirts.

Cami Mazzola and Stephanie Motley just think the whole thing is a hoot.

Juan Antonio Herta, Lydia Pontius, and Richard Mazzola.

Cheryl & Donny Hall are on the scene and looking quite fashionable.

David Poor is getting 'best of luck' from Antonio.

Yolanda, Judy, and Gayle seem to be quite excited about the anticpated announcement of the winner.

David Francis, a brand new owner at Mi Casa Del Mar, is on hand to see what all the fuss is about on the Best Shirt night.

Juan Antonio and Monika (thanks for the camera case) are having a real good time at the Beach Bar.

Lorenzo (??) is being promoted as a leading contender by Gayle Rassmussen.

Steve Clouther is back with another potential winner, as he watches for the HST flyover.

Mary and Annette, along with the two visitors, are the Judging Committee, and it is going to be either a tough or an easy decision.

Bobby Sapia and Dave Zucker seem to oblivious of the tension and excitement on the air as the decison seems to have been made.

Yes, it is time as Mary rings the gong for "ATTENTION EVERYBODY."

"Despite the abundance of really great shirts, my committe was unanimous in its decision. The winner for November Best Shirt Award is ...."

Phill Combs of Quanajuato and Tankah.

Phil Combs hoists his well deserved trophy.

Lisa Combs, the wife behind the shirt and the story, and Phill talk with the The Akumalian staff about where, how and why Lisa bought this shirt.

"That is one wild and crazy shirt."

Laura was on hand for this event, and she is surprised by the turnout and the plethora of mavellous shirts.

Sherwood Anders and Peggy Stone console Dave Zucker on his not winning.

Start preparing for the last Best Shirt Award event of 2011. It falls on the 2nd day of December, so you still have time. Watch out for Phil Combs.

Believe it or not. December will mark the end of the 5th year of Robin's Best Shirt Award. Check them all out from the EVENTS page.

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