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Out of Town Best Shirt Award, October 14, 2011

Since a number of Akumal's 'locals' were not in town on the first Friday of the month, some of them gathered at Dave & Michelle Bliss' house in Austin, Texas on Friday, October 14 to hold their own mini Best Shirt Award. The accompanying photos attest to the participants true interest and sincerity to the phenomenon called "Robin's Best Shirt Award", because any of these shirts would have fared very well in the Akumal event.  Congratulations to the initiative and participation of all involved.

In attendance were Dave & Michelle Bliss, Laura Bush, Didier Jackson, Kevin "Redbeard" McNee, and Kabot, Sonnta and Gavin Simon.

Here's a thought for consideration.  Months like October, November and December tend to be slow months for the Best Shirt Award in Akumal, so what if remote chapters could be set up around the country - at least in major areas where numerous Akumalians really reside  - and on the Best Shirt night, say the first Friday in November, they gather in some local pub, or somebody's home, and have a mini Best Shirt Award event like this. Imagine the sight of a half dozen Akumalians showing up in a New Jersey bar in November wearing typical Best Shirt Award shirts!!!!!  Then at some point in the future, we could do remote computer tele-conferencing to have everybody linked together.

Thanks to Redbeard for being The Staff's on-site photographer.

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Hey, this really looks like Akumal with all those familar faces and tropical attire.

These contestants ( Dave, Didier, Redbeard, and Kabot) have some very serious contendors.

Laura and Michelle must be the judges.

Dave Bliss, as the host, obviously has a home field advantage.

Then again, Kabot is looking real cool.

Kevin "Redbeard" McKee is once again looking very smart.

Not to be outdone, Didier is taking the casual, but elegant, approach.

Laura is contemplating her decision.

Michelle has had her decision made a long time ago.

But the deciding vote comes down to Gavin Simon, and the winner is my dad. . . .

Kabot Simon takes home the Austin Best Shirt Award, a styrofoam cup, for October 2011

Mary, in a live simulcast from Akumal, congratulates Kabot for his remote win from Austin.

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