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Robin's Best Shirt Award, October 7, 2011

October is usually not a well atte4nded Best Shirt Event, and this year was no exception.  It looked like the judges would have an easy time selecting the winner, but as it turned out, we had a lot of quality on hand.  The judges were torn this way, and then that way, but as usual, they had to come to a decision.  A good time was had by all.

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Look familar? Bery was on hand with his 'old stand by'; I'll keep wearing it until it wins.

Jim Power was in town for this event, and that shirt looks familar too.

Here's Larry Kantor, and doesn't that look familar too?

Oh my God. Here's Steve Clouther just back from the Cape, and he has his old standby on too.

Now here is something different, but it is not a shirt; no collar, no buttons.

Russ Motley has a good looking shirt, and it is not a re-tread.

Jim is getting a lot of support from Jackie.

Stephanie and Susanne are enjoying themselves as all the hub-bub swirls around them.

Sherwood Anders has a fantabulous entry from San Francisco.

The judges - Nan Armstrong, Mary Henderson, and Mari Jo Roda.

Friends of Larry & Karen Kantor seem to thrown in the towel.

Mary is ready to announce the judges' decision. The winner of the October Robin's Best Shirt Award is . . .

Larry Kantor of Mariposa.

Larry proudly displays his trophy.

And as another sun sets on Akumal, another exciting and fantabulous Best Shirt Award comes to a close.

Mark November 4 on your calendar, because it is the date of the next Robin's Best Shirt Award.

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