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Robin's Best Shirt Award, January 7, 2011

The first Best Shirt Award event of 2011 kicked off with a fantabulous turn-out at the Lol Ha Beach Bar on Friday, January 7, 2011.  This also was marked as the 4th anniversary and the beginning of the 5th year for Robin's Best Shirt Award, and there was a bunch of freshly arrived participants and spectators wanting to be part of this event.

    Needless to say, the competition was very intense, but it seemed like Mary Henderson and her co-judges, Lucy James and little girl, were quite unanimous in their ultimate selection.  Like always, there were a number of entrants calling for a recount.



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Mary Margaret and Ken Goldestein returned for Christmas and were in attendance.

The Pargots (Scott, Richard, and Arlene) also made it, with Richard & Arlene just coming this afternoon.

Leroy & Margaret Wiedman are also recent arrivals, and Leroy is having another go at the trophy.

Jack & Ann Kennedy have been around for the marathon home owners meeting, and they are looking glad that it is over.

Friends of the Kennedys are wondering what all the hullaballoo is all about.

Julie & Mike are pushing for Mike's shirt because of the design on the back. Turn around Mike.

Wally & Jan Koenst are over from Aventuras Akumal, looking to throw a challenge at Wendell.

Malu seems to be lending her support to Wendell Day, who is sporting yet another classy shirt.

Dan Freeman has his endorsement for Corona, but it looks like he is going up in flames.

Dave Zucker has one of the most colorful entries, and he has to be among the front runners.

Mary Henderson is all smiles as she surveys the throng of people and colorful contestants.

Roberto - who is this guy - is already striking his "I'm no crook pose" in anticipation of victory.

Well, that is quite impressive.

Jamie Foshee is looking down on all the other contestants, as Yolanda lends her support.

Richard & Cami Mazzola are placing friendly wagers on who they think is going to win.

Bud & Alice Blatner are ready for the hoe-down as they scout out the neighborhood for Groundhog Day.

Jim Farrell is all smiles as he prepares his acceptance speech.

Loquito is giving everybody the evil eyes as he mounts a serious challenge.

Steve Clouther looks like an odds-on favorite with his casual, but elegant, entry. Now this has a long story.

The judges have been moving through the crowd taking notes and making observations.

Annette and Malu think the whole thing is a real blast, and they have their favorite selection.

The crowd at the bar is starting to get anxious as they await the judge's decision.

Cheryl is not in attendance, as she needs to tend to the phones in the office; sorry.

Yolanda Froshee could care less too, as she recuperates on the sidelines.

John, Allyson, Carolynn, and Hugh are pushing for John, but it's a wait-and-see moment.

Russ Motley could care less, as he has his arms full of Stephanie and Ingrid.

"OK, let's gather around, because the judges have finally made a decision."

"OK, Lucy, tell the standing-room only crowd who the winner of the January 2011 Best Shirt Award is."

"It is Roberto and his flashy Picasso shirt."

"What an honor. I am humbled."

Hang onto your hats, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Groundhog Day on the 2nd. Best Shirt on the 4th, and Super Bowl on the 6th. Go Patriots.

This looks like this could be THE shirt to beat in February, so start shopping now!!