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Robin's Best Shirt Award, September 3, 2010

Everybody was thinking this was going to be a slow night with just a couple of entrants, but as the Happy Hour wore on, more and more contestants arrived.  As a result, there was a very good turn-out for a slow September Friday, which even got somewhat interrupted as a small squall blew through Akumal.  That did not dampen the spirits of the the attendees or the judges, who had a more difficult time than was originally anticipated.

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Russ Motley arrived early, thinking he 'might' be the only contestant.

Then SteveC came along, and Russ threw in the towel; no contest.

Beryl Van Lierop is another monthly contestant, and this week he brings out the New Orleans Saints shirt, thinking it might get him a Championship.

Mary Henderson is getting some secret tips from Hurley Hackler.

Whoaaaa.. Bob Anders went way back into his San Francisco closet for tonight's entrant.

Sherwood Anders is in the running too, as she does a little dance for the judges.

Here yee. Here yee. The dynamic Duo of Dan Freeman and Dave Zucker have very impressive credentials for a winner tonight.

Mary and her co-judge, Shirley Rodrieguez, are checking all the entrants very closely.

Mary and Shelley are looking up at the scoreboard to get the latest tally, and it looks like they have a winner. It is....

Steve Clouther. It wasn't quite a run-a-way, but it is reported that the story helped seal the victory.

Bob and Beryl lament another loss. "Do you believe that story?"

"I won. I won. I won." The rest of the story - the shirt was purchased in Hyannis, MA, and Ted Kennedy reportedly wore it sailing on Cape Cod Bay.

After the BIG EVENT at the Beach Bar, there was a Big Event in the evening sky. Did you see these planets?

Watch out, because in October the Best Shirt Award is on the 1st, and while it is weeks away, Halloween could be an underlying theme.

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