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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Turtle Week at Casa Colibri, August 2 - 7, 2010

During the week of August 2nd, there was a rash of turtle landings at Casa Colibri in South Akumal.  And, later in the month, on August 24th, we had another nest right beside the earlier one.

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We put the kayak across the way to the pool, and it prevents the turtles from getting up to the solid ground.

This is Friday morning, and the turtle turned to the right when she encountered the kayak.

The turtle mucked around in the shrubbery on the left, but she was unable to make a nest.

It is better to have this obstacle there than to have the turtles digging where they cannot lay eggs.

On Friday night, when we arrived home from the BB and dinner, there was some commotion on the beach. A turtle was laying eggs. No pictures. Sat.

This one must have recognized the kayak, and said, "I'll stay here on the beach".

The nest is where the stick is. The hole is from filling in the nest after laying the eggs.

This gives some perspective on just how close to the water's edge she dug the nest.

CEA provided a sign, so it is well marked and dated.

It is a whole lot better to have a nest down here where the sand is soft, and it is close to the water.

There's not a whole lot of nests on the beach at South Akumal this year, but there is one right in front of Casa Colibri.

Now, there are two nests right in front of Casa Colibri.

It would a great ending to this story if we were able to see the hatchlings come out of the nest and go into the water.

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