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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Rock Stars Fix the Road at Sirena and Iguana

Some of our residents took things into their own hands, literally, and did a great job repairing the road by Sirena and Iguana.  Now you do not have to be afraid of heading in that direction after a heavy rain storm.

Kudos to Bob & Sherwood Anders, Nancy Mazza, and Eddie Rodrigues on a job very well done.


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Here's the challenge, Lake Iguana.

This is impossible!

We take the gravel from there and bring it here.

Now it has to be spread across Lake Iguana.

Who needs the gym?

Henry "the Sheik" helps out too, as long as somebody holds up his pants.

It's coming along.

Bob Anders, Nancy Mazza, Sherwood Anders, and Eddie Rodrigues take on the job of fixing the road.

This is what it looked like on a bad day.

Holes filled in with gravel hauled from Casa Bella.

Eddie applying some of his know-how.

Eddie applying more of his special know-how.

Things are coming along just fine.

It's starting to look good.

Nancy gives it the once over.

Jet patches.

No more holes!!!!!

Marciel and Alberto add their touches to it.

What more can we say???? Thanks.