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Dessert Party for Dave's 69th Birthday

On Saturday, August 21, Dan Freeman hosted a Dessert Party at Casa Gatos to celebrate Dave Zucker's 69th birthday, which was on August 18th, and it was a very sweet affair. Jenn provided the huge birthday cake.  Needless to say, everyone in attendance put on a few extra pounds that evening.



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This is just a small portion of the desserts that were available.

Susanne, Mary, and Dave get into the mood in the kitchen with the Chambord Black Raspberry.

Just what you need to go with these desserts.

The crowd is gathering, as Richard asks, "What do you think of that?"

There's more desserts and a fondue back in the living room.

And, it draws a crowd, including Linda, Ingrid, Richard, and Bart.

On the other side we have Mary, Susanne, and Linda.

While back in the kitchen, the liqueurs are very tempting.

And they are not going un-noticed. Coffee and liqueuer anyone?

Good company, dessert, wine, and conversation make for an enjoyable time.

"What is Bart saying over there?"

"Linda, tell them about your traffic violations in the states."

Dave is ready to cut the cake.

and, the Akumal choir sings "Happy Birthday".

"Dave, you better cut back on the size of those slices."

Who is going to get that first slice?

Beryl, Richard, and Susanne move back to the kitchen for the ice cream and liqueur.

Dan dishes out the scoops of ice cream for Rodrigo Escalante..

Every one is having a good time.

Some, more so than others.

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