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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Robin's Best Shirt Award, August 6, 2010

Considering that is was a warm August evening, and The Akumalian had not been able to send out its proper notification, this was one very well attended and supported event.  And the array of "Best Shirt" entries show that this continues to be a premier event, and the winner - well that is something else again.  Shades of the Coconut Cabaret and "La Cage Aux Folles" - The Best of Times are now............

Because these are "The Best of Times", and it is appropriate for this months event, we are trying something new this month.  Click on the video and let the music play while you stroll through the Photo Gallery.  When you are finished, come back and sing along with The Staff.

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Beryl Van Lierop is already toasting victory with a cerveza.

David Poor has come as a serious contender.

Eduardo, Beryl's friend, has come from Argentina for the competition.

Gary Sparks is all smiles in his bright shirt.

Here's an old timer with a very colorful shirt celebrating the wines of California.

Hugh Maynard has brought out 'old standby' as he tries to break into the winner's circle for the first time.

Monica Meyer Poma is making a run for the roses with her entry.

Kevin "Red Beard" McKee is pulling out all the stops with his fabulous entry.

The crowd at the eastern end of the beach bar have not gotten into the feverish pitch yet

While at the west end of the bar, the crowd is starting to come alive.

Richard -a ka; Albin from "La Cage aux Folles" - Pargot belts out, "It's the best of times.."

Sam Goby is back looking for the 2nd best night of his life.

The three caballeros (Mike, Dick and Cal) from Mayanah are a very colorful bunch of entries.

Carrie, Hugh, and Carolyn are discussing the options on how they could get Hugh to the podium.

Young Sherman Schwartz is looking very spiffy as the youngest contender tonight.

Steve Clouther is looking for his 5th victory in a very classy and elegant Tommy Bahama edition brought in just for this event.

Mary, with Isabel and Carrie, calls the crowd to silence as the winner is to be announced. "The Robin's Best Shirt Winner for August 2010 is..

Richard Pargot doing his Albin imitation from La Cage aux Folles.

"I want to thank my wife, Arlene, for letting me wear her blouse tonight. Thanks honey."

"Wow! That's one we didn't see coming. Richard is wearing Arlene's blouse, and he wins Best Shirt!!

The things people do for this glorious trophy.

The next Best Shirt Award event is scheduled for September 3rd, so mark the date on your calendar and ask your wife if you can borrow a blouse.

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