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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Robin's Best Shirt Award, July 2, 2010

It was another July 4th weekend being kicked off with an exciting Best Shirt Award event, and the weather had finally cleared up a bit - after more than a week of strong winds and heavy surf - to bring out a wide range of Akumal's finest beach shirts.  This made it extremely difficult for the judges, Steve Clouther and Stephanie Motley in Mary's absence, to come to a decision; they were very split on their selections.  SteveC, feeling that it was the July 4th weekend, the winning shirt should be expressing some patriotism, while Stephanie, for reasons to become obvious later, felt shirt quality, a la' a Tommy Bahama, should be the dominant factor.

Somehow, a decision was made, and everyone is always a winner in Akumal.


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Mike Corning is sporting a Cape Cod sailing motif and looking like a contender.

Russ Motley is trying to remain incognito in his Tommy Bahama.

Dave Zucker flashes a winning (expectation) smile with his entry.

Dan Freeman is back with his turtle shirt, trying to make it 2 out of 3, having won in May.

Beryl Van Lierop has an excellent entry, as well as the dogs to protect him from anybody trying to take it.

Steve Clouther has dug out the 'old reliable' patriotic shirt for this July 4th weekend, and he feels that partiotism should be a winner.

The Bliss boys are back in town, with Dave 'just' arriving from Boston. Is that a Filene's Basement shirt?

Lucy James has her dog motif on, and Kathy Sonheim looks to be in the running as well.

Detail of Lucy's shirt.

Stephanie Motley has joined SteveC to help in the judging.

Photo by Michelle Bliss

Here is an unexpected entry by ..... Stay tuned in the next issue of The Akumalian for more details on who this is.

Rhett Schober has a simple, but classy, shirt, as well as an old friend who is wishing him luck.

And the winner, by a very close margin, is Russ Motley. Presenting the trophy is Stephanie Motley, one of the judges.

Forget all that jazz about Robin's Best Shirt Award, let's get some good New England steamers down here.

Check out The Akumalian's Events page to get the link to the Gallery with all the Best Shirt winners to get an idea for August 6th.

Russ gives the 'thumbs up' to Tommy Bahama for another job well done.

Mary, and the Sacramento Akumalians, were watching via a satellite feed, and Mary cheers the judges decision.

Johnathan Bliss asks, "Why did you pick that ugly shirt over mine?"

Photo by Michelle Bliss

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