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Robin's Best Shirt Award, June 4, 2010

 It was another hazy, hot, humid, steamy and exciting evening as a colorful crowd gathered at the Lol Ha Beach Bar to celebrate Robin's Best Shirt Award for June, and while we are now in the hurricane season, the well-behaved crowd did not get too rambunctious, even when the winner was announced. The judges had another evening with many serious contenders, and it appears that the winner was a unanimous choice.


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Despite the rumors, Jack Kennedy, along with Ann in the background, were in Akumal in May and June.

Troy Motley, Russ' brother, was in town for the action, and he was smartly attired.

Alex, Troy's son, was also at this event, and he too was colorfully attired.

Stephanie Motley is here, and she is giving a serious run at the trophy this month.

Not to be outdone by the rest of the family, Russ Motley is going with the pink flamingo motif, albeit they do not line up.

Wendell Day hung around for a few more days just so he could display a very smart shirt at the competition.

Bery Van Lierop was staying cool in his cool entry.

Mike was all smiles about his chances this month.

Steve Clouther was among the serious contenders with his shirt where the two sides lined up.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are all standing in a row. Big ones. Small ones. Even one with a nose."

This is the time when the crowd gets antsy waiting for Mary to announce her decision.

Charlene, Mary, and Lucy have made their decision. Hear ye. Hear ye. The winner of the June 2010 Robin's Best Shirt Award is..... (drum roll here).

Leaping sailfish. Wendell Day jumps for joy, realizing he ties SteveC with his fourth victory. Congrats.

Mary and Wendell share the spotlight with the trophy.

"I coulda been a contender. My patterns line up too."

To the victor goes the spoils. The idea of the patterns lining up was the clincher.

Here's a family portrait that should have won a prize as the most colorful ensemble. And, Troy's patterns lined up too.

The groupies just keep hanging onto a winner.

"Well Jack, you did not win, but we showed The Akumalian that we really were here in Akumal."

Get out those patriotic shirts, because the July Best Shirt night is on the 2nd, the beginning of the long Independence Day weekend.

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