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Robin's Best Shirt Award, May 7, 2010

 It was a bright, steamy and exciting evening as a wonderful crowd gathered at the Lol Ha Beach Bar to celebrate Robin's Best Shirt Award for May, and while we are heading into low season, the crowd was well behaved and colorfully attired. This made for a tough decision for the judges, but in the end, it looks like it was an The winner was an obvious unanimous choice.

A couple of obvious and serious contenders were not on hand, due to a previous engagement.  One was continously on the cell phone trying to get an update on the contestants and the odds.


The Akumalian thanks Lucy James for the photographs.

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Loquito is back after a disappointing day at the Derby.

Is that a Russ shirt????

Shelly from Chemuyil is getting in on the act for the first time.

Dave & Dan are back on the social scene making a statement with their shirts.

I have heard of tree-huggers, but Sherwood Anders and Wendell Day add a new dimension with a bar pole.

Beryl VanLierop and Wendell do a side-by-side comparison - of beer bottles.

Jim Power is looking splendiferous in his shirt and white slacks.

Ivan gets the big, friendly, Akumal welcome from Sherwood.

Susanne provide encouragement to Beryl's entry.

Ivan has his beer and is looking quite comfortable in his very elegant shirt.

Betty, Nancy Poor's mother, looks on in anticipation that she might have a chance.

Kevin (Red Beard) McKee is sporting a fantabulous beard and shirt.

David Poor is back in town with an excellent contender, but some might dis-qualify it because the sides do not line up

Without Bob around, Sherwood is making a run for the trophy.

Nancy Poor says, "Cheers", I have shirt too.

Wow!!! Some colorful shirts from a couple of outsider tourists drawn to the beach bar because of Best Shirt.

Natalie, Lynda, and Tammy are cheering on their respective partner's chances to take the prize for May.

Ivan gets some special encouragement from Natalie as the decision gets closer.

Gayle & Paul Rasmussen, who is trying to give it a shot with a non-shirt entry.

The Judging Committee of Gabriella, Phil and Mary have a tough decision on their hands.

Jackie gives the tumbs up in anticipation of Jim's victory.

SteveC was not on hand to beat out all these MMMaahhh-vellousss entries, but he sends his best wishes to all the contestants.

Tammy is helping "Red Beard" relieve the tension as he awaits the verdict on his classy silk shirt.

Natalie is trying to lead the judges in Ivan's direction, but I don't think they are being swayed.

The winner for May is Dan!!! Congratulations on a great shirt.

"I won. I won. I won...."

"I'm going to take Charlie and go home."

Mark June 4th on the calendar as the next Robin's Best Shirt Award Contest, and you need to be a lot more colorful than these birds.

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