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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, April 2, 2010

 Even though it was Good Friday, the crowd arrived early and often at the Lol Ha Beach Bar for the April edition of the Robin's Best Shirt Award contest, and it might have been the Easter Parade with all the colorful and innovative shirts there.  While last month was the scene of a very, very tightly contested event,  Mary and her two additional judges felt that it was Derby Day, and they had a run-away winner.  The winner was an obvious unanimous choice.

Unfortunately, the selection was marred by a minor protest on the winning entry, but that also was unanimously over-ruled by Mary.

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Isabel Schober was front and center with her new friend, Dave.

Jan & Wally Koenst are looking good, up from Aventuras Akumal.

Jonathan Kantor with dad, Larry are providing an interesting father-son combo.

Dave and Dan are looking very smart in their tropical shirts; notice the turtles.

Russ Motley is pulling his Charles Francis "Charlie" Harper impersonation, with Stephanie's encouragement.

It really is a bowling shirt.

Gabriella Herbert has pulled out all the stops with a shirt she purchased just for such an Event.

And the back complements the whole thing.

Hollis Hines and Billy show off the daughter-in-law.

And here we have three generations of George Plamondons.

Steve Clouther is looking like a real contender with his birthday shirt. At least he didn't come in his birthday suit!!!

Russ Motley and his new golf cart billboard on wheels.

Mary Henderson is here and all smiles about the breadth of excellent shirts.

Larry Kantor is covering all the bases, this time with a husband and wife, Karen, combo.

Wendell & Lynda Day are also doing the husband & wife combo entry.

The judges have their work cut out for them this evening, but it looks like they might have a decision.

"Hear ye. Hear ye. The winner of the April Best Shirt Award is a unanimous decision. The winner is .....


Congratulations !!!

How about that. It has been a long time since a woman won, and that is a good looking "shirt".

Mark the calendar for May 7th, the next Robin's Best Shirt Award event in Akumal.

SteveC is mailing it in with this sure-fire entry. Or else, it's the birthday suit.

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